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During the school year, DGW operates voyages for school groups aged 5th grade through college. Voyages are from one to five days and accommodate up to 24 students. These programs instruct participants on navigation and seamanship skills and include an inquiry-based marine biology and ecology curriculum.   


Before each voyage our staff works with teachers to develop a unique program that is class-specific and meets the needs of the individual students.  DGW creates a unique learning experience for the students that teachers use to continue engaging students once they return to the classroom. 


With the goal of creating Salish Sea Ambassadors we use marine biology research projects, regional environmental issues, seamanship, art and scientific translation to teach a STEAM curriculum.  This is a hands-on program with the students steering, hauling on lines, using scientific sampling equipment and making their own observations within their first hours onboard. Each night is spent exploring a state or county park and DGW is often our students’ first meaningful connection to the outdoors. Students gain a new appreciation for their relationship with nature and a new respect for their role in the environment.  


Our classroom voyages increase student comprehension of the connection between their lives and a healthy Puget Sound/Salish Sea.  Students leave the boat with an increased understanding of applied scientific principles and skills for scientific translation that reinforces their classroom learning. 

From one to five days

Dates Available April - September

Email for more information

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