This course will meet one day a week to deeply examine our connection to the ocean through the world's rarest whales and sailing.

When:  Every Thursday July 1st - 29th  10:00am  - 5:00pm

Tuition: $250  (Scholarships available)

Credits: 3 (Cost not included in tuition)

Ages: 16-20

Onboard: Orion 

Location: Shilshole Marina 

Research: North Pacific Right Whales and Southern Resident Killer Whales 

Shipmates: Other students from  around  Washington

Sailing: Advanced Keelboat Sailing

Research/Art/Communication Project Ideas: Is there a seasonal difference in ship traffic in right whale critical habitat?  


Using the world’s rarest whales as a focusing lens you’ll learn how scientific research, the law, ecology, art and activism work together to save a species.  While you’re at it, learn the ropes of sailing on the historic boat Orion.  

Class will be held onboard Orion spending most of each day sailing, there will be assigned reading and a few guest lectures and film screenings to attend remotely other times in the week.  

Students will design and conduct their own research, art or communication projects and present them to their peers at the end of the program.   

For more information  email Captain Kevin 


Outreach voyage through the Salish Sea, Blackfish Sound and North Pacific

When: August 15th - Sept 12th

Tuition: $1,700 (Scholarships available)

Credits: 3 (Cost not included in tuition)

Onboard: Orion 

Departs and Returns to: Shilshole Marina 

Research: Conservation issues and their sollutions in the NE Pacific

Shipmates: Alumni from the past ten years of Deep Green Wilderness

Sailing: Advanced Keelboat Sailing and Ocean Passage Making



Reefing your sails is what a sailor does for stormy unpredictable times.  Shaking a reef is what you do when the weather clears, and you want to start putting some miles under you keel.   Created to re-ignite the passion and energize students into career pathways, this voyage will provide students with the skills, confidence and passion to create the career they imagined before the pandemic.  


Students will be learning science communication skills producing a podcast and series of short videos while we research the problems facing the Salish Sea and North Pacific and how people are creating novel and innovative solutions.  

To Apply email Captain Kevin 

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