Our staff is comprised of  licensed and experienced sailors, professional marine scientists and professional educators.  We are passionate about Orion and education.   All aboard work hard to provide our students a safe, memorable and meaningful experience.



Founder of Deep Green Wilderness and Orion’s most recent caretaker is a lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest. Captain Kevin believes strongly in a sailboat’s ability to capture the imagination and engage with the environment.  Kevin holds his 200 Ton Masters License from the US Coast Guard and is a PADI certified Rescue Diver.  After earning his captains license and a degree in evolutionary biology Kevin headed out to sea. Since that day he has crossed two oceans and sailed a variety of boats on four of the seven seas working as Captain for Salish Sea Expeditions, Beam Reach and Camp Four Winds, and as engineer for the Sea Education Association and the Ocean Classroom Foundation.  With Deep Green Wilderness Captain Kevin sees a way to combine his love of sailing with his passion for teaching ecology and conservation.  He enjoys introducing people to the wealth of diversity you encounter when you leave the dock and hopes his work with Deep Green Wilderness will promote responsible stewardship of our public lands and waterways.  Kevin’s keen eye for wildlife and passion for the environment serve him well aboard Orion.  Off duty Kevin serves on the board of directors for the SeaDoc Society and has been known to entertain the crew with his guitar or tales of poisonous frogs and secret surf spots from his travels in Central America.


Nora Cosbey has worked as a sailor and educator for over a decade. Working as Captain, Mate and Deckhand for Deep Green Wilderness, Salish Sea Expeditions, Camp Four Winds, Sound Experience, Ocean Classroom Foundation, Traverse Tall Ship Co., and Clearwater. As Program Director Nora translates her background into the best possible experience for our students. When not onboard Orion or running things in the office, you’ll find Nora at the local climbing area, hiking in the Olympics or running in the woods. She thinks the Salish Sea is pretty amazing and loves fostering new stewards to share this place with. Nora graduated from the University of Chicago with a BA in English, holds her US Coastguard 100 ton Inland Master’s license and is an NREMT. She agrees with the rest of the crew that whales are undeniably cool and spectacular, but really wants to talk about jellyfish.


Program Director - Relief Captain  Nora Cosbey



Tori was born on the Navajo Nation and raised in the Phoenix area. Although her visits to the ocean were infrequent, her passion for the ocean flourished after watching Finding Nemo and visiting many aquariums. Tori graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelors in Marine Science, and Masters in Marine Conservation. Tori loves sharing her passion for the ocean and environment and has worked on Capitol Hill for a California Congressman to ensure our country's oceans and lands were protected for present and future generations. In her spare time, Tori enjoys baking, running through the desert, and collecting stamps in her National Park Passport Book.



Lead Educator - Deckhand Tori Bahe



Shawnecee has spent the last six years working on a variety of Sail and tug boats on the Great Lakes, San Francisco Bay and right here in the Salish Sea.  When not on the water Shawnecee has been an advocate for social change through media literacy,  and film. In New York and Chicago she taught and developed Media Literacy and Film Studies curriculum for high school students. She has contributed to film projects in Latin America and South Africa and has also worked in Austria and Palestine teaching film and news editing.  As Co-Producer of The Unknown Sea and Right Over the Edge Shawnecee has  combined her passion for film with her love of sailing and education.  In her spare time Shawnecee can be found rocking the drums for Bay Area legend Side eye.



Elizabeth was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota and had traveled to all 50 states before the age of 18, becoming a Junior Ranger at 48 National Parks!  She loves to spend as much time outside as she can while engaging in activities like kayaking, hiking, snorkeling, running, scuba diving, photography and playing soccer.  Her most recent adventures included: summiting Mount Kilimanjaro, trekking the Inca Trail at Machu Picchu, riding the EuroRail train on a month long packing trip throughout Europe, and snorkeling with Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles. Elizabeth graduated from Concordia College-Moorhead, Minnesota with a B.A., majoring in Biology, and minoring in Environmental Studies, Psychology and English-Writing. In her free time Elizabeth enjoys trail running, planning her next adventure, photography and enjoying her morning coffee while sitting outside and reading about other people's adventures.  Elizabeth will be returning to the Salish Sea after working in Maui as a marine naturalist educating people about Humpback whales.



Former Lead Educator - Deckhand Elizabeth "Erob" Robinson



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