Who Will be onboard with me?

For our two-week summer programs typically there are five other students and three instructors.  Captain Kevin, Chief Mate Kris both live on the shores of Puget Sound. Our Lead Educator and your fellow students are often from Washington but could be from anywhere. Throughout the trip we will have guest lecturers who join us onboard for the day.

Do I need to know how to sail?

No, learning to sail is part of our program.  If you do already know about sailing we will be happy to expand your skills even further.

What is the Salish Sea?

Salish Sea is the name given to the body of water that includes the Puget Sound, San Juan Islands, The Gulf Islands, the Straits of Juan De Fuca and the Straits of Georgia.   But more importantly this contiguous eco-region makes for some of the best and wildest inland cruising in the world.

How old do I have to be?

Our summer programs are geared towards students 14-18.  Our group education programs work well with junior high and high school students.  Our family programs are great for any age.

I am in high school can I still get college credit?

Yes, we are proud to be able to offer three marine science credits for satisfactory completion of our two-week summer programs.  We work with the Ocean College Research Academy at Everett Community College to do this.

Where do the trips depart from?

Our summer programs depart from Shilshole marina in Seattle, Washington.   Our other trips leave from a variety of places including Anacortes, Everett, Friday Harbor and Bellingham.

Do I need a passport for the trips that go to Canada?

Yes, a passport is required for all passengers entering Canada.

Is it Safe?

Orion meets the very strict standards of construction, maintenance and safety equipment required by the US Coast Guard for passenger vessels. Orion's crew all must meet Coast Guard training requirements and the Chief Mate and Captain both hold USCG captain’s licenses. There is of course some risk intrinsic to any sailing experience but we work hard to minimize this onboard.  We take your safety very seriously.

How do I turn my time onboard into my culminating senior project?

Our staff will help students have a completed research project at the end of the trip.  Time is set aside for data collection, analysis and students are expected to have completed projects by the end of their time onboard.  This research can then be used to meet most schools senior project requirements, although each Washington school has slightly different standards.  If you are interested in using your time onboard for your project we recommend learning as much about you school’s requirements before the start of your DGW program.  Bring the requirements with you on your trip.  Our staff will be available by email post trip and through the following school year to help students form their projects to satisfy the requirements of their individual school.  Completion of the culminating senior project is ultimately the responsibility of the student.

I’m not a student, how do I go sailing on Orion?

There are many opportunities to go sailing on Orion from our Tuesday sunset sails out of Seattle to overnight family trips.  For the current schedule please visit the upcoming events section for information about our charter business.

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