Deep Green Wilderness, Inc. owns and operates the historic sailboat Orion as a floating classroom for students of all ages.  We offer a variety of programs designed to introduce students to the thrill of classic sailing and encourage stewardship of the marine and coastal landscapes of the Pacific Northwest.   Join us onboard for the experience of a lifetime.  Including College accredited summer courses for teens, weekend trips for families and single-day group programs.   All Deep Green Wilderness programs take place aboard Orion, our 64’ wooden yawl. Orion is as beautiful and well kept today as she was in 1934, the year she was launched.  Her traditional rig and design make her the perfect platform for teaching sailing.  In 2010 she underwent an extensive restoration including the most modern navigation and safety equipment.   We are confident you will enjoy your time onboard and look forward to sailing with you!


With a firm belief in the value of a sailboat as a tool for both education and fun, Deep Green Wilderness Students explore these valuable ecosystems under sail with supporting curriculum focusing on critical thinking, problem solving, stewardship and a holistic understanding of our estuarine home.


We believe that there are three basic components that make for an effective Deep Green Wilderness program.


Physical engagement with the environment.

We accomplish this by sailing a traditionally rigged sailboat. Our students are constantly paying attention to the wind, weather and water.  All onboard must work together with their head and hands to make Orion go.



Scientific understanding through research.

We use scientific inquiry onboard to foster understanding of the environment.  Ongoing boat-wide research and the student’s individual projects create a rich interdisciplinary environment onboard that encourages students to deeply explore many subjects.



Political and social engagement through environmental policy.

Students are encouraged to critically think about the risks and benefits posed to the environment and stakeholders by human’s cultural and industrial interactions with the Salish Sea.  Students then make suggestions about how their research could inform policy decisions, who should be informed of this information and decide how the data should be disseminated.

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